The binder method: Why you should be using it, right now

When caregiving, you may find yourself in the situation of having to organize two sets of everything. Meaning you may be juggling two households, which means two sets of finances, medical documents, chore lists, recipe lists, appointments, etc.

The binder method is a method of organization that can help keep finances, mail, task lists, etc. separate but still accessible.

Here are some reasons why you need to be using this method right now:

Accessibility: Projects and documents often need to be accessible and the binder method allows for quick access to needed information.

            They can literally be stored anywhere and are fairly inexpensive especially right now. It is school supplies season, capitalize.

Ensures separation: It is imperative especially with finances, that you separate your finances from the person that you care for (unless you are a parent caring for a minor child). Keeping track of expenses, bills, and methods of payment are important to ensure that you are not inadvertently committing financial abuse.

            Information such as bills paid, receipts for purchases, and bank statements can be useful when reconciling expenses.

Grab and go: Keeping a binder with relevant medical documentation can be handy to grab on the go for doctors’ visits, emergency room visits or to keep in an emergency “go bag.”

            Information such as a last doctors visit summaries, especially if you are seeing several doctors or specialists, allergy lists, medication lists, or wellness logs can be beneficial information to have on hand.

The takeaway:

Organization helps to reduce decision fatigue, stress and anxiety. Taking a few moments to get organize can pay dividends well into the future. The goal is more than surviving, but thriving. An organization can help you and the person you care for thrive.

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